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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Props to Solomon

1 Kings 7:1-51
2 Chronicles 3:15-14:22
Did you notice that it took only a little over 7 years to build the Temple but 13 for Solomon to build his own house?
Some commentaries I read insinuated that this revealed Solomon’s divided heart suggesting that he cared more about his palace than his place of worship.
But one commentary suggested that the reason it took only 7 years to build the temple was because there were numerous years of preparation and planning for it. I personally like this idea better and feel at this point in Solomon’s life this is probably a more accurate account of why the temple was built so quickly.
The other reason I think it is a more accurate account is because it is true.  Solomon’s dad, King David, began preparing for the temple years before the first stone was ever put in place (1 Chronicles 22).
Planning and preparing ahead made building the temple easier for Solomon.
When we plan ahead it makes our life so much easier too.  We may not be building a temple but we are building a life. When you plan for retirement, plan out a vacation, plan out a meeting, plan out how you intend to teach and train our kids, then you have set yourself up for success.
I believe Solomon had quick success building the temple because of the years of prepping for it.
If Solomon’s heart was so divided at this time then I believe he would have built his home first. And props to him for waiting 13 years before moving into his home. I definitely would not want to do the same.
So, what will you begin planning for today?  It will allow you to have greater success tomorrow!

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